With the end of Summer holidays just around the corner and you’re probably searching for something fun and different to do with the family. Here at X-GenVR, we offer a range of virtual reality gaming experiences that the whole family can enjoy. Spend some time in our interactive arcade or take turns beating each other’s high scores in one of our luxury VR rooms. 

We’ve got loads of kid-friendly games to choose from with something to suit every age range. And for younger children, our VR machines aimed at little ones are equipped with the perfect selection of age-appropriate games. 

Why VR? It’s not just a fun experience – playing virtual reality games can be really beneficial for kids in terms of cognitive ability, balance, mental health and more. And there are loads of educational games out there that give kids the chance to learn something that they might not get the chance to in their everyday life, like exploring a different country. Check out some of the best benefits of VR gaming for kids and teens. 


Lower stress:

Is your child stressing out over their upcoming exams? VR gaming is an ideal way to release some stress. Video games have short- and long-term mood boosting capabilities and immersing yourself in a good game can reduce blood pressure and improve symptoms of stress and depression. And, you don’t get much more immersive than VR! A good gaming session helps the player unconsciously unwind and relax. 



Improve balance:

Research suggests that adults who play video games focussed on brain training have better balance and fine motor skills, in addition to faster walking speeds! Mobility is improved with game play, especially with VR where the player often needs to use their entire body to play the game.


It’s a workout!

P.E. probably isn’t the first thing on their mind during your holidays, but if you’re trying to get your child to move more, then a session at X-GenVR can easily double up as a workout – and they won’t even realise. Games that really get you moving like Apllo Creed Boxing and Fruit Ninja are really good for maintaining joint health and muscle mass and can even help to increase blood flow and boost heart health. 


Improve vision:

Research has shown that players who enjoy individual shooter games like Super Hot tend to have better vision capabilities. That’s because these fast-paced, exciting games spike adrenaline and dopamine in the brain, which in turn supports the brain in maintaining and improving its health. 


Encourage expression:

Some research has found that VR gaming can help kids who aren’t very expressive. But even if your child isn’t shy when it comes to expressing themselves, virtual reality gives them the chance to create their own little world where they are in control – an experience which can help to boost their confidence and give them a sense of pride in themselves. 



It’s educational:

It may be the holidays but virtual reality gaming is a fantastic way to continue education while having fun at the same time. Not only does it provide kids with an interesting insight into modern gaming technology, but many games have educational elements to them too. 

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