Here at X-GenVR we are well aware of the concerns you may have about Corona Virus and want to let you know that we too share these concerns and have come up with the following measures to be taken throughout this pandemic that we believe truly help minimise the risks taken visiting our VR Centre.

1). The Arcade area of our VR Centre is often shared between up to 8 customers, We are going to reduce this to a maximum of 4 customers at a time (you can have up to 8 if you are booking together as one group, you will have to phone to book more than 4). This will drastically reduce the number of strangers you come into contact with whilst on the arcade floor whilst simultaneously giving us opportunity to regularly clean the equipment with antibacterial products.

The private VR Rooms are obviously just you and your party anyway so do not put you in contact with any strangers other than our staff, They also already have a 10 minute break built into our bookings for cleaning everything down between bookings, this practice will be continued with even more emphasis put on a thorough anti bacterial cleaning procedure

2). We have hand sanitiser at the front desk and / or antibacterial hand wash in the toilet, we will be asking all customers to use one of these options when entering the Arcade, and for their own sake when leaving the arcade.

3). We have boxes of tissues around the arcade and rooms, please use these whenever necessary.

4). Our staff have been informed to not come in if showing any flu like symptoms.  

5). We are aware that we have pre booked Parties that have larger numbers of children in the Arcade. This will still be acceptable as you are all together as one group. We are now closing the arcade 15 minutes before and after the large party bookings to ensure everything is cleaned thoroughly for the party and the people booked in after it. If you are too concerned to go ahead with your party we will happily rearrange if requested, however we hope that the measures we are taking will reassure you that this is not necessary.

6). If you or any of your party are experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus, we ask that you consider other customers and our staff and rearrange your booking with us.


Thank you for taking time to read this, if you have any further questions, please call us on 0161 637 7273 we will be happy to answer them.

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