VR Arcade

What's Included

Virtual reality is one of the most fully immersive technologies out there. From being able to teleport yourself to anywhere in the world to actually being in the game as opposed to merely playing it; this technology is one that everyone should be able to enjoy. That’s why; here at X-Gen we’ve created the ultimate virtual reality arcade.

Our arcade of motion platform virtual reality machines offers so many different experiences for you to enjoy, from go-karting to motorbike racing and even flying machines. With so much to choose from, we guarantee that you’ll never be bored. In fact, we’d put money on you never wanting to leave.

Virtual reality gives you the opportunity to not just play but truly experience another world, all in the form of a headset. Our arcade allows you to step into a new environment with a seamless change in your field of vision. With the appropriate headset allowing you to move and respond to what you see, completely changing your perception, you’ll find your experience in our virtual reality arcade to be so realistic that you forget about everything outside of the game for your entire play.

Our virtual reality arcade is the perfect place for all those wanting to experience the ultimate virtual reality technology. If you truly love playing arcade games, then you’re going to love playing our arcade games in virtual reality, it’s the closest thing you’ll ever achieve to actually being there. From our 2 player shooter games where you can team up with a friend to our Gatling Gun and even motion seat simulators, we have something in our arcade for everyone to enjoy.

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